Pokemon Go Help and PokeGoStatus FAQ

My loading bar has frozen in the Pokemon Go App

This means you have logged in successfully but the Pokemon Go game server you have connected to is down, offline or too overloaded to respond. If there is a high number of servers that are under normal load, logging out and logging back in may resolve the issue. However, if there is a low number of Pokemon Go servers under high or maximum load, then you may experience this problem more than usual.

Pokestops are taking a long time to work as well as delaying other actions like catching Pokemon or logging on to the game.

The cause of this is the similar to the answer above. There is probably a high number of Pokemon Go game servers under medium load or above, and you happen to be on one of them. If you log out and log back in, you may be directed to another Pokemon Go game server.

Does the Pokemon Go game server I connect to depend on my region?

From our research (and opinion), this may be the case. There is 800+ Pokemon Go servers all located in the US. All players worldwide will connect to a completely random Pokemon Go server regardless of their region. However, the folks at Niantic are making updates to the game all the time, you may want to ask their support team directly.

How do you get your Pokemon Go server data?

The Pokemon Go server data is polled directly from Google and the Pokemon Go servers which in turn live updates our applications. Pokemon GO uses a load balancing technology to direct al of your in game requests to the closest Pokemon Go server based on your IP address and current location.

How up-to-date is your Pokemon Go server data?

When the project first started and game servers were having problems, the statuses were never older than 1 minute. Since Niantic has made major adjustments we decided that a 2-minute polling was appropriate. Meaning, we poll the latest statuses in real-time every 2 minutes and that information is relayed to you in real-time.

I can't login to Pokemon Go but PokeGoStat.us says it's online?

If a high number of Pokemon Go servers are under "Max Load" or "High Load" our polling activites may not be able to provide the most current information about Pokemon Go. We are working on new technologies to give better results in a "complete downtime" situation.

How can I support PokeGoStat.us?

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