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Pokemon Go: Which Team Should You Choose?

Pokemon Go players know the excitement of the game doesn't start at level one. It actually begins when you get to level five. Opening up an entire new set of options, the players are allowed to be part of battles, find different Pokemon and pick a team.

As Pokemon Go continuously evolves, people have been asking if one team offers an advantage over another. So far it doesn't appear this is the case. Instinct, Mystic and Valor. Three teams from which you'll choose from are easily identified by the different colors.

Which Team Should You Choose?

There may be no differences in the play on Pokemon Go for the teams, but as some people have observed, it does matter when it comes to playing with others. If you aren't on the same team as your friends, you will be battling against them instead of with them. This means deciding how you would like to play at Pokemon Go gyms. 

If your friends are good players, definitely consider being on the same team. This option will help you win more often at the gyms and get more leverage. If you friends are so-so in the game, beating them up at the gym will offer you more leverage (and bragging right).

At some point Pokemon Go is expected to evolve into a game where you can compete one-on-one with friends. Whether the teams you pick will play into this option is yet to be determined. While the game is still in the infancy stages, it definitely has people thinking about the future. Is being on Instinct, Mystic or Valor going to impact capturing Pokemon in the future? Maybe. Then again, maybe the only difference will be the color of the trainers.

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