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Where is Ditto? Pokemon Go Players Offer Theories

Ditto where are you? Pokemon Go players and people who have enjoyed previous Pokemon games are looking for the legendary monster, but so far it hasn't been found. There are said to be 151 Pokemon to catch on the new game, but so far Ditto hasn't surfaced.

Where is Ditto? Pokemon Players Want to Know

The absence of Ditto sort of makes sense at the beginning of the game. People who are familiar with the creature know that in other Pokemon games, this included Pokémon Snap. Players for that game had Bulbasaur to turn into Ditto by throwing a Pester Ball at it. The theories around Ditto and where he might be has people searching about for an answer. Many players agree that Ditto is already part of the game and he needs to be triggered to come out of hiding.

According to news from the Comic Con panel about Pokemon Go, there are easter eggs that no players have discovered yet. This news feeds into the assumption that Ditto is part of the game, it could be he hatches from an egg yet to be discovered. 

Another rumor floating online is that Ditto is already part of the game and probably seen at gyms. Or maybe Ditto is part of the game, but only in certain parts of the world. With so many theories, it's almost too hard to keep track.

The prize of finding Ditto might be greater than other characters as well. It's not so much about what Ditto does as what he represents. The first player to publicly say they found the monster might be worshiped by Pokemon Go players for weeks. 


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