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Video Shows Driver Playing Pokemon Go Hits Baltimore Police Car

Playing Pokemon Go while driving isn't something that normal think about doing. In fact, most folks love the idea of getting out and walking around to capture Pokemon. Perhaps that's why the latest video showing a Pokemon Go driver hitting a Baltimore police car is so shocking.

Luckily nobody was hurt when the car smashed into the side of a police car at a relatively fast rate of speed. The police officers were outside of the vehicle and it appeared the passengers side of the moving vehicle didn't have any people sitting in the seats.

Driver Hits Baltimore Police Car Video

There have been some extremely weird situations with the trainers playing Pokemon Go. Why? People are still getting used to the game and wanting to find Pokemon. Which leads to some situations that have people wondering if they are really paying enough attention to the tasks at hand (we aren't talking about playing the game either).

Is there a moral to this story? Well after the lecture on not hitting a Baltimore police car OR any police car for that matter. It's cool to see how these police body cameras really work. The precise action of every detail is really captured and seen from the vest of the officer.

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