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Stock Up PokeBalls? Pokemon Go Update Made Pokemon Capture Hard

How Many PokeBalls are in your backpack? Pokemon Go just got a little harder thanks to the latest update of the app. While the opportunity to fix a few of the bugs made an update essential, what has some players frustrated is it is harder than before to capture Pokemon.

The update has decreased Pokemon detection around your character. Making it more difficult to find Pokemon. This means you need to take stops often to find the pocket creatures as the area around your surroundings for the search is smaller.

You also need more PokeBalls. As the Pokemon come closer to you as they are discovered, people are noticing the essential requirement of needing to capture it quickly. This makes it more difficult to play and reports of the most seasoned player missing Pokemon with a Poke Ball because of timing have been reported.

Stock Up PokeBalls and Get a New Backpack

One defense people have been discussing is having a ready supply of PokeBalls available for any situation. This stockpiling means getting a new backpack too. If you don't have room for the Poke Balls, you will have problems keeping them stored.

The Pokemon Go Update had some players very upset over the lack of third party mapping help. With this being such a big part of the game, people are wondering how the next update will look. Hoping for the return of tracking and the chance to see what Pokemon might be in the neighborhood, the desire to have the game working like it once was before has players patiently waiting.


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