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Pokomon Go Plus: Pre-Order Worth $35 Bucks?

The Pokomon Go Plus might be the next big thing for Pokemon Go users. As serious players emerge, the opportunity to find all the events nearby, whether working or on vacation, had become an obsession. The latest (and perhaps greatest) tool so far has been the Pokomon Go Plus. 

This small device let's you enjoy Pokemon Go without the need to always have your cell phone out looking. The device can alert you to events about the game as well as give you an extra set of eyes (while you are doing other things.) 

 Why Consider Pokomon Go Plus?

There has been a lot of debate on whether or not this added feature is worth it. Talking to fans of the game last night at a Pokestop, it's obvious that most folks are worried about the cost AND the battery usage. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Connects with ease using the Bluetooth
  • Can be set using an LED and vibration
  • The connection uses low energy
  • You can find locations while still doing other things (like at work or driving)
  • Easy to use

This opportunity to increase game play while still enjoying the values set out with the actual app is worth a look. While some folks just enjoy playing the old fashion way (with a cell phone) this bump up might offer a faster approach when looking for your next big score.

Fans can pre-order Pokémon Go Plus for $34.99. No release date has been set yet!

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