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Poke Stops Missing? Pokemon Go Update Offers Fewer Pokemon

Is your local Poke Stop missing? Are the Pokemon you were hoping to capture still hiding in the bushes? Ever since the update of the Pokemon Go game, there has been an undercurrent of reports that Pokestops that once where there are no more. 

Just after Pokemon Go was released there was a flurry of locations that didn't want the trainers in their area. Opening up a web form, people could report those areas for removal. From the Holocaust Museum to Area 51, the locations off limits to the public or shouldn't have people playing has no Pokestops attached. Yet, the removals didn't stop there.

Poke Stops Missing? Regular Areas Missing Too

It's hard to believe, but regular Poke Stops -- cool places to play -- are missing too. It appears that the reporting tool offered an option for people who had issues about people playing the game to get Poke Stops taken off the map. Like where? Rural areas are reporting less Pokemon Go Poke Stops. Someone reported that the PokeStops around South Carolina's Statehouse were removed (and the Governor wants the PokeStops to be returned).

The issue now is will any of the Poke Stops once reported bad now return? This tool might have offered up a way to prevent people to come to certain areas, but it appears a few spiteful folks have used it to ruin game play for others.

The next update will hopefully figure out some of these PokeStop issues. As we all know, Pokemon Go is here to stay. Players keep hoping that the game updates reflect new aspects of the game (and return a few old ones too).

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