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Pokemon Go Update: Players Seeing Account Login issues

The new Pokemon Go update has some fans seeing yellow. Nope it's not Pikachu, it's the color of their frustration as there have been account login issues widely reported. As with any new game (or any update for that matter) there are hiccups with the process sometimes. Apparently, this is a drastic hiccup that even the game designers have acknowledged.

While it's unsure how quickly the update will be fixed, there is some immediate good news. The players on different levels are suggesting their games are gone. Apparently this is farthest from reality. iOS Pokemon Go users might be experiencing an account login issue, but the  game play progress has NOT been lost. A quick fix of resolving your account login issue can be found here.

What Pokemon Go account login issues are happening?

Apparently when uploading the Pokemon Go update, the game automatically logs in with your Google email (which might be stored on your phone or in your browser.) Some folks didn't use that email to start their play and that's where there are issues. A new email = a new game.
For those folks looking for their original game play, they will need to sign out of the email that currently starts the game over and then resign in with the email that was originally used to sign in. Confusing? Not really, but it is a shock to update and then see you have to start all over. Players have been melting down online and for good reason, they's spent a lot of time playing. This fix means nothing is lost (and the update is a gain.)

Other updates for the game have been reported. Currently we are waiting for our update to finish and will go through all the new stuff. Check back for our details on the update!

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