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Pokemon Go Trips? Bus Company Offers to Drive While You Catch Pokemon

Pokemon Go players who are looking to take the game on the road have to be thrilled to learn about the new tours. Serious players probably have taken Uber to a PokeStop. Or maybe Lyft to a Poke Gym, but has anyone taken a bus on a 4-hour tour to catch them all? Well, if you haven't then pack your bags and head to Reykjavík. Yep, that's right, there are tours almost too cool for the locals for Pokemon Go players to enjoy even in Iceland

The tour is of Reykjavík and there is plenty to see. However, let's be honest. You won't be going just to take in the views. The tour drives you around the capital to visit the city’s various locations. The hot spots (or are they cold Poké Stops?) and gyms, all to hunt for Pokémon in the city. It's a multipurpose tour that really does allow Pokemon Go players focus on having fun without all the unnecessary worry of driving, finding a parking spot and dealing with maps as you fumble around in the chilly air.

Are Pokemon Go Trips a Real Thing?

The Pokemon Go infused events around the world have some people entertained (and finally their families too). While pub crawls are popular in the United States. the combination of Pokemon Go playing and sightseeing has become a real business model. In Hollywood, London and even in New York City, the idea of taking a trip with your trusty cell phone to play while enjoying time off has some folks thrilled.

The best part of Pokemon Go trips has to be how it does cater to the family aspect of travel. It's true that players of all ages can play, but the teens who think they are being dragged around by their parents over the summer do get some relief. They get the chance to be part of the family vacation while still being able to play one of the most popular games on the planet.
As for going to Iceland, it might be a fun excursion and a great place to collect Pokemon. Just as long as your handheld device doesn't freeze.

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