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Pokemon Go Trainers Get Help From Yelp? Local Pokestop Maps

The Pokestop filter on Yelp is new and already a staple for customers around the country. As people get out and explore their neighborhood with Poekmon Go, they are also looking up where to go with a little help from Yelp. The Pokestop filter is a brilliant idea, especially for those folks who are going out for dinner and want to capture a few Pokemon before going home.  Frankly, this is nothing short of a limited (and useful) Pokestop map focused on where you are going

Based on feedback from other Pokemon Go Trainers, there have been thousands of additions to the Yelp app and the locations of where trainers need to go are starting to be revealed in multitude. What the company is asking is that users identify a business that’s in the vicinity of a Poke Stop, then check-in on Yelp to answer a few quick questions allowing the location to be added.

PokeStop Map Merges Yelp's Reviews With Pokemon Go

With so many locations in the USA to cover, Yelp is really brilliant to offer this service to their users. Offering up a location near what might be a place to eat, drink or play, it encourages people to get out more and enjoy their day. Plus, it helps those trainers who are serious about multitasking!

Just in the infancy stage, some Yelp users are hoping the decision to expand this service is added. Wanting to see the locations online at home, some people do wish this feature was available when checking out the site on their home computers. 

Leaving no Poke stop unnoticed is a goal for any Pokemon trainer. It appears that Yelp has found a perfect way to encourage the play of the game while still offering a way to access their information on businesses around the communities.


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