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Pokemon Go Trainer Nicknames: Will You Change Yours?

Pokemon Go trainer nicknames can now be changed! The latest update has Pokemon Go players given the option to actually name their character. While this feature doesn't sound like a big deal, many players were hoping for the option to further customize their game. At the beginning (it sounds like the game has been out for decades instead of weeks right) the trainers were limited in what they looked like. These features changed with the previous update. It was possible to make the trainers look a little more like the player. It was a welcomed change.  People again wanted more: they wanted to change the Pokemon Go trainer nicknames.

Pokemon Go Trainer Nicknames

The Pokemon Go Trainer nicknames can literally be anything. From a nickname to a special character you love. However, there is a caveat to this opportunity. You can only change your nickname once. That's right. One time is all you get for the change. Then it's permanent.

While that sounds a little drastic, most players will have a name they had in mind and stick with it. Hopefully it won't be something that, down the road, brings up something negative (like a pet name given by a future ex-girlfriend).

As the updates continue to roll out, Pokemon Go continues to be crafted into a game that offers fun for everyone. It's obvious this game has a long way to go before the updates are consistent to the game instead of altering the features.

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