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Pokemon Go Trading to Be Added: 11 New Features for App Revealed

Pokemon Go players are thrilled to learn that the Pokemon duplicates they have on their game at this point are going to be a way to engage with others very soon.  The update that the world has been waiting for is in the works and it includes trading, battling and even getting better graphics for finding Pokemon in your neighborhood.

Pokemon Go Trading Will Help Trainers Who Want to Swap

One of the biggest complaints of the game (let's be honest, there is only a few) is that once the players get past a few levels it becomes slightly boring. Letting people engage with others by swapping will help players advance AND it will lively up the game. Some people are suggesting that the idea of having extra Pokemon being swapped could be a whole new currency in the very near future.

Pokemon Go New Features Will Thrill Players

There appears to be some indication that Pokemon Go creators know fans want to battle against each other. Both friends and foes will love the idea of City Wide battles and special locations to battle legendary Pokemon (these characters apparently are to come as they currently aren't in the game). The idea to battle friends has players interest for sure. This will help decide who is the best player of them all once and for all...

Better Pokemon Navigation System

A better, more complex navigation system is coming for players to find Pokemon. Many players agree the navigation isn't exactly easy to decipher, but the update is promising with the opportunity to actually be guided in an easier format.

As for other updates, the idea of having team leaders helping is making many fans delighted. The new idea is having one of the three team leaders show up throughout the game to  offer advice.

All the updates will offer more reasons for the players to play. For all the critics who suggested that the game wouldn't last, these new updates just blow that theory sky high. Not only will players hang around to play, they will have reason to mingle and enjoy the game for a long while.


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