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Pokémon Go Tip: Throw Away Your Potions to Stack up on Pokéballs

Pokémon Go trainers all reach a serious dilemma at some point playing the game. With the collection of Pokémon, Pokéballs and other stuff, the bag your trainer has will eventually fill up. At that point you will need to make a decision. Will you upgrade your bag, wait for a refresh or start throwing away items acquired during the game. Even if the idea sounds a bit odd, the best thing to do is to prune anything that doesn’t directly relate to capturing Pokémon, in particular the Pokémon Go potions.

Pokéballs are the primary necessity of every good trainer. Getting the Pokémon captured sometimes requires more than a couple Pokéballs (especially if you are just starting out) leaving the need to accumulate the Pokéballs as you play. This is why many seasoned players suggest you keep a small supply of revives, potions and other items and stock up on Pokéballs.

It’s a weird idea to throw away a piece of the game you could use in the future. Base potions and revivals are a good choice when it comes to discarding items. These items will be used when you battle at a gym, but typically the average trainer collects far more than needed for the most part.

Another aspect to consider is when going to a gym to battle, you can always make sure you stack up on the other essential items to win and a few less Pokéballs. Or even go all out and get a bigger bag to accommodate your supplies and win the gym for your team.

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