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3 Must Watch Pokemon Go Theme Song Parody Videos

Pokemon Go Trainers are found all over the country looking for Pokemon. In fact people around the world are playing and the craze is nowhere near over. After chasing and capturing your daily quota you might be wondering what you can do next. What about relaxing to a parody Pokemon Go theme song? Fighting to get attention, some of the most creative celebrities on YouTube are hoping to reflect on the Pokemon Go theme song, but in a very hilarious way.

Pokemon Go Theme Songs are Popular With Pokemon Go Trainers

The worst part of the parody Pokemon Go theme song collection is deciding which one is best. Offering up passion, focus and a real zinger within the musical presentation, it's pretty obvious which creators have loved the Pokemon's products since being a toddler. Other creators appear to be jumping on the bandwagon (no harm there) and offering up some of their interpretations. 

The funniest parody Pokemon Go theme song perhaps is a personal reflection on the process, but we just love Screen Team. Not only do the Pokemon nerds offer up the words to their song, they also do a fine job giving fans a chance to watch a creative video. OK, we will stop gushing so you can watch the videos below!


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