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Pokemon Go Spoofers

Pokemon GO spoofers have become outlandishly forward in Upstate NY in the past couple weeks. Many gyms have been taken over in just minutes flat with no one around the area!

If you have 15 gyms all to yourself, you are actively hurting your teammates. This allows low level players to validate pokemon go "gym shaving." When researching on the “HOW TO” of “spoofing” a backlash of opinions seems to be divided. It is absurd how easy it is for an player with an iPhone to spoof and android phones now only work when someone unbricks their phone or messes with the Firmware.

How does this type of pokemon spoofing occur? They teleport to the coordinates of the Pokemon, then click on the Pokemon, and before catching it, the spoofer will teleport back to their previous location.

If you would remove the bots and "couch-potato players" (spoofers) from the game, the vast majority of game events would be gone, thus decreasing general interest in the Pokémon Go game world because gameplay for the honest trainers would become more boring. Removing these bots and spoofs would in fact decrease spawns, because the game algorithm will produce more Pokémon spawns when there are more players around and active - and new spoofers that use “Bots” have a higher chance of seeing a banned account and loss of your current progress, or loss of in-app purchases you have made.

So which side are you on? To Spoof or not to Spoof.

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