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Can You See The Pokemon Now? Pokemon Go Sightings

Pokemon Go Sightings is the latest feature being rolled out with the apps new update. As players remember, first there were barely functioning tracking tools to find Pokemon. Then there was a third party site to help in the Pokemon hunt. A drastic change cut all of these options leaving trainers upset about the difficulties in finding Pokemon. Never fear, something new is here! After all of those options have been removed, now players get the chance to find Pokemon with the new “Sightings.” Sightings does sound like the perfect solution. This option for players might be the bridge between finding new Pokemon and getting close enough to capture the pocket monsters. Looking to encourage players to get out again and search, the area you are standing in will offer a glimpse of what Pokemon are available and give you an idea of where to start walking.

So how does Pokemon Go Sightings Work

According to Forbes, the new system works by “pulsing” the area every ten seconds. The chance to find new Pokemon in the area comes up for you to discover as you move around. The option to move towards the Pokemon and keep them in your line of focus has players once again finding Pokemon fairly quickly. Since the majority of the Pokemon are displayed, the sighting system also gives you a chance to see what you are looking for before you start moving. If you don’t find this feature on your game yet, don’t worry it will be coming. There has been a mini roll out of the option to see how players respond. After such an uproar over taking down the tracking tools, the game developers appear to be more careful with their decision to roll out new features to the masses.

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