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Pokemon Go Server Status: How to Quickly Tell if Your Game is Stalled

If you love playing Pokémon Go, then you probably are aware that every once in a while, the Pokémon Go servers stall or go down. Rare, but always when you want to play Pokémon Go the most, the service seems to come back up once issues are resolved. So how do you tell if Pokémon Go servers are down? It’s rather easy!

First thing to check is your service status of your personal cell phone. While everyone has a cell phone that can reach almost anywhere, there are still some spots around the world that aren’t covered. IS your location someplace where you have gotten service before? Are you having any trouble with any other apps on your phone? I not, then it is time to check online for answers as it appears you don’t have any service issues.

Once ruling out the phone, then check the Pokémon Go service directly. Looking to keep in touch with the players, the official Pokémon Go Twitter account announces current outages and issues with the servers as they happen. A quick look at the 144-character postings might have you recognizing that the issue

isn’t yours, but with the game (and then all you need to do is wait).

While you might be disappointed in the delay, it’s only temporary. Just remember to avoid throwing any Pokéballs during this time as you will miss the Pokémon (the ball seems to take longer in the pitch) and not to release any incense as you won’t be able to capture as many Pokémon.

The frustration of having Pokémon Go servers go down is always a bummer. It’s happening less and less often the company adequately compensates for the millions of people who play the game. Taken by surprise, it appears that the response to the game was, originally, more than expected creating a huge demand from the servers.

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