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Pokemon Go Refunds: Players Demand Cash Back After Updates

Pokemon Go players are not happy about the latest updates. Changing up the pocket monster game and shutting down ways to locate Pokemon, the new updates had Pokemon Go developer Niantic looking at massive refunds for in app purchases. The biggest gripe from the players? The tracking has been wiped off the app. And with the third party apps being shut down, the idea of catching a Pokemon has some people thinking it's impossible.

Pokemon Go Refunds: Are Players Getting Their Money Back?

The idea of spending a few bucks to enjoy Pokemon Go and buy PokeBalls, Lures or any number of other pieces to the game was a common place for players. Well, technically that was before the update. Since the update, the players haven't been happy with the tracking and some suggest they will not enjoy the game like they once did. 

Demanding a refund, many players have contacted Google Play or the Apple Store for a refund of their latest purchases. Reporting success, there have been players who have gotten refunds even after the 48 hour window has closed (which typically is how long you have to get your money back). 

While a few bucks here and there might not hurt the game app, the news of people bailing on the game surely might. The craze of being able to play the game seems to have died down and the outlook is extremely unclear going forward as people don't know how they will catch Pokemon like they used to.

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