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Pokemon Go Popularity setting records: MiIlions of downloads

Pokemon Go is capturing America by storm. You find players in the coffee shop, on the street and even around the parks! With all the players, it's hard to believe it is a new game (but it is). So just how popular is this app? You might be surprised to learn this app is impressively being downloaded in staggering numbers.

According to Techcrunch, this popular app has been downloaded over 7.5 million times since it was released. Yes, that's just in the USA. The hype for this game has yet to hit other countries like Japan, Canada and more. And when it does, expect the servers to be even busier!!!

So why the popularity of Pokemon Go? Many people believe it is the unique aspect of the game. Others think it fills a positive void for game lovers around the county. Whatever the reason, expect to see more of this game in your community and the chance to meet a few fans who, just like yourself, are Pokemon Go crazy.

How many people do you know have the game on their cell phone? It's one of those cool things that people around the country can bond over and it doesn't matter what level you are on!

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