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Pokemon Go players in Florida shot at during game? Palm Coast on edge

Pokemon Go players are everywhere and as the new game has offered up Pokemon across the country, there has been some close calls. The opportunity to play day or night put a resident in Palm Coast on notice. A man shot at two teens who were playing Pokemon Go Saturday in Palm Coast, Florida. 

According to the Palm Coast newspaper, the resident heard a ruckus in front of his house on Saturday. After approaching the vehicle, he heard one of the occupants ask “Did you get anything?”

Allegedly assumptions were made and the resident might have thought the two young players were stealing something in the neighborhood. Running towards the vehicle, the resident shot at the players inside the car.

Why do Pokemon Go players enjoy the game at night? Why Not?

This scary situation could have gone terribly wrong. Perhaps it's not the best idea to play at night, but if you are in your car causing no harm there should not be an issue with the situation either. Luckily nobody was killed, however the situation is still under investigation by the authorities.

Moral of this story? Pokemon Go players need to be extremely alert if they plan on playing at night. Keep in mind not everyone has the game yet so some folks assume that playing after midnight might be something else. Oddly, this assumption is hard to imagine as shooting at a car isn't exactly normal, but apparently it happens...


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