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Pokemon Go Players Go to How Many PokeStops a Week?

Pokemon Go players are a serious bunch of folks. Looking to make the best of the game and collect as many Pokemon (as well as PokeBalls) the idea of getting out and finding PokeStops is a priority. So exactly how many PokeStops do regular players stop by a week. Well, we set out to answer this question. It appears that the idea of stopping by to grab the much needed PokeBalls (instead of buying them) has fans young and old heading out daily. In fact, to our surprise, players are definitely finding their local Pokestops more than a few times a day

Pokemon Go Players Go to PokeStops Often

While there is no technical way to determine how many people go to PokeStops, our unofficial survey gives a glimpse into how Pokemon Go is getting people out. We emailed a survey of 700 Pokemon Go players who have indicated they play the game. Over 500 people took a minute to answer three questions about their Pokemon Go Habits. What we learned is amazing! Over 80 percent of the Pokemon Go players we surveyed have stopped by 12 or more Pokestops a week. Of those 80% of players who said they get out, there is a large portion (over half) that go to 25 or more PokeStops a week. That's quite a few places! Another question we asked is what is the priority of going to a PokeStop. Almost everyone listed getting PokeBalls as a priority. This was followed meeting new people (which is surprising) and the third reason is to find new Pokemon. Surprising, eh? People love the idea of hanging out with others to play the game at the different locations as much as they love the game itself. With the latest updates and the difficulties people have had finding Pokemon, it appears the players are hoping to socialize more and maybe even find more Pokemon too.

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