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Pokemon Go Players Create Local Maps Offline to Find Pokemon

Pokemon Go players are coming together to find Pokemon faster. With the adjustments to the game there has been a lot of talk about what to do next. While players may not have third-party maps to offer information and the "Sightings" feature of the game isn't as good as many players want, there still are nest maps online for players.

Pokemon Go Nest Maps Help Find Pokemon

The idea of a nest map is very similar to a mapping website, except it's done on the lowdown and the Pokemon maps are more like guidance points readily accessible for people in a local area. More of a word of mouth type situation, this information is swapped at local PokeStops and Gyms. It's the use of crowd-source at the most basic level and it is working really well for local players looking for Pokemon. Is this cheating? Well, that depends. Since this information isn't being drawn from the game or being illegally hacked, it doesn't appear so. Plus, in the real world people talk, offering opinions about stores, products and services. This is part of just being a social being. It doesn't appear this is any different than offering up advice. In fact, finding the locations of Pokemon is one the reasons people love going out and meeting other players. Of course, there are folks who are taking the nesting idea to the web. Who can blame them as information was meant to travel faster online, but this might be a violation of the TOS. That definitely is a line that most won't want to cross if they are interested in actually playing the game for a long time.

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