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Pokemon Go Player Hater? Landlord Posts Sign Warning Trainers to Keep Out

Pokemon Go has blossomed into a big craze almost overnight. Well, technically it has taken a little over a week, but still that's a great response to a game you download on your phone. There are so many positive attributes that trainers are given playing this game, including the idea to get out and enjoy the day (or night). Apparently not everyone wants trainers to be part of their area.

Hilarious Pokemon Go Sign Posted on Property Edge Is Too Funny

Which brings us to this crazy sign posted where Pokemon Go players are perhaps not welcomed. OK, reading the sign it's pretty obvious trainers aren't welcome. Yet, how this landlord gets his point across is hilarious and quite tart. It's obvious the man is not a player and he doesn't want anything to do with the game or Pokemon...EVER.

Posted by Pokemon Master on Twitter, the shot of the sign has gone viral with dozens of places retweeting and trainers discussing how some people aren't into the game (and make it difficult). The big question many people are asking is where is this sign. While posted online on social media, there hasn't been any confirmation of the location of this sign or if it is real.

The Pokemon Go Player hate is a situation that covers the world. People are noticing that there are two camps: trainers and not trainers. Those folks not plugged into the game have little tolerance of the idea of playing Pokemon Go and they make their point very well knows.

The weird thing about this sign and people who don't appreciate Pokemon Go trainers playing is that they are objecting to something quite harmless. Looking for objects on a cell phone doesn't have any connection to vandalizing property or acting in a criminal manner. In fact, a sidewalk, a driveway and other parts of a street are public property and have public rights of access unless there is a gate or other form of blocking. So a lame sign posted at the edge of the grass is nothing more than a shout out of a Pokemon Go hater.


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