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Pokémon Go Optimize Egg Hatching: What Eggs Should Be Incubated First?

Pokémon Go eggs have to be one of the neatest parts of the game. After finding an egg during play, the players have the option to actually hatch the egg. As seasoned players will point out, it’s not always the best idea to incubate the first egg you see. In fact, if you are looking to level up faster, consider your choices when it comes to optimizing egg hatching.

During the game, it’s not uncommon to pick up a few eggs while searching for the pocket monsters. To incubate the eggs, go to your Pokémon collection and in the top right corner you will see an eggs tab. Gently tap that to choose an egg and then an incubator. Making you work for the hatching you will need to walk around to begin the hatching and see what comes out of the egg.

Players who want to make the most of the egg hatching need to consider optimizing their opportunities. The 2K (kilometer) eggs typically hatch low-level Pokémon. The 5K eggs can offer better Pokémon such as the Sandshrew or the Machips. The best Pokémon go eggs have to be the 10K eggs. If you are looking for rare Pokémon, these are the eggs you want to hatch. Offering players some of the best Pokémon of the game, don’t be surprised if you hatch an uncommon Pokémon like a Snorlax.

For Pokémon Go players who want to get an idea of what might be hatched, an online chart is available for a brief look at the Pokémon hatchings reported across America. Overall, the idea of hatching is definitely a fun part of the game. Never knowing exactly what Pokémon will be coming out of the egg, even if it is a low-level Pokémon, is still quite exciting!

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