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Pokemon Go Launches in Japan: Birthplace of Pocket Monsters

Pokemon Go has rolled out around the world. It's been slow with one country getting the pocket monster game at a time. Overwhelmed by trainers who want to start catching the Pokemon the servers have been taxed, but the growing pains have been temporary. When Pokemon Go became available in America the fans could hardly contain themselves. This enthusiasm spread to other countries like the United Kingdom. All the while, Japan fans have been patiently waiting for their chance to play with the pocket monsters.

Pokemon Go Launches in Japan with Great Success

Pokemon go trainers finally got their wish come true as the release of Pokemon Go was announced on Friday. Now available in more than 30 countries, this game will offer the fans around the world a chance to once again appreciate the Pokemon legacy.

The announcement of Pokemon Go being released in Japan has the social media world thrilled, even if you didn't live in the area. For many years the honor of being the home of the popular game has been acknowledged and people recognized that the country deserved to have a special roll out for all to start playing

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