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Pokemon Go Is More Fun Played by Friends and Groups: Tip #34

Pokemon Go players are out on the hunt all looking for the same things. While this might be a personal mission (doubtful) there is something to taking your best friend with you. Many of the Pokestops and gyms have groups of people hanging around and enjoying the chatting as they play the game.

While you might not go much faster (and if you talk too long you might even go slower) the idea of having an extra pair of eyes and a chance to share the game experience with others is quite charming. It might be a game on your cell phone, but it is a universal way to connect with others.

Walking around your neighborhood playing Pokemon Go, it wouldn't be uncommon to see best friends play, a group of strangers in front of a coffee shop chatting up their game strategy or even a bunch of teens comparing their scores. It's totally acceptable to chat with other players and find out how they are doing (and maybe even learn a thing or two).

Does Pokemon Go Invite Stranger Danger?

There have been articles in the news of people going in groups to different locations and meeting up with people. Kicking up new friendships and even dragging along new faces to the next stop, the idea of being connected to people who like what you do is quite unique. Most of the time the people playing have good intentions and are just as excited as you are about the game. If they are not, then you don't want them as part of your group! 

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