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Pokemon Go is Banned Where? Countries Forbid Popular Game

Pokemon Go isn't played around the world just yet. Some areas of the world are waiting for the official roll out of the game. Other fans are facing questions if the game will ever be available in their country. And finally, there are countries who straight up Forbid Pokemon Go with the penalty of jail or worse if caught playing.

Saudi Arabia’s religious authority declared that Pokemon Go is forbidden in the country and Pokemon been banned since 2001. Another country that has stopped players before they even started is Egypt. Pokemon Go was forbidden by Islamic authorities in Egypt earlier this month.

China has many Pokemon Go players perplexed as fans there wait for a possible introduction to the game. So far there has been speculation and a copy cat game introduced. Yet, Pokemon Go hasn't been seen in the country. as rumors fly, some people think it has to do with the connection to Google and Google Play which is not welcomed in China. Other players are suggesting that the government as banned the game. There is no proof of any situation so far, so everyone is left to wait and see.

So why all the differences around the world? Pokemon Go seems pretty harmless when it comes to playing, but with unique cultures there are differences to consider. Religions, ideologies and even principles that we might not feel relevant in the United States, but is found in other parts of the world.

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