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Pokemon Go Injuries: ER Visits Increasing as Players Get Hurt?

A trip to the ER had Greg admitting he stepped off a curb while playing Pokemon Go last week. Sharing how embarrassed he was sharing how he was injured, when he hobbled up to the Pokemon Pub Crawl with his foot in a cast and a crutch all the players waiting for him just knew it was a Pokemon Go injury. Unfortunately, he was so focused on the phone screen that he didn't realize that he overshot the drop of a curb and broke his foot in two places when he fell. 

Pokemon Go injuries are being reported around the world. People walking into walls, glass and other folks. People falling off sidewalks, curbs and even into potholes. A 15-year-old girl was seriously injured by catching Pokemon while riding her bike. Unable to ride and play Pokemon Go, she fell off and fractured her skull. Currently she is in stable condition at the hospital.

Pokemon Go injuries Can Be Prevented

The majority of Pokemon Go injuries being reported are from the improbable solution of watching your cell phone while doing something else. Being intent on the game, it's impossible for most folks to multitask during play. Add the elements of the big world (and all the people who aren't playing) and you have a recipe for disaster. It's not uncommon for injuries to happen, but you can curb the likelihood of it happening to you with a few safety precautions.

Tips to Prevent Pokemon Go Injuries:

  • Watch where you are walking. Curbs, holes and other elements on the ground that you step on might not be stable. Twisting your ankle, breaking a leg or falling and breaking a hip is a real possibility if you aren't paying attention to your next footstep.
  • Don't run unless you are looking where you are going. The man who chased a Pokemon and forgot to look up was shocked to run into a glass door. He broke a leg and had a large wound from the door. According to witnesses he hit the door so hard when he ran that the glass shattered.
  • Watch out for low branches. This is a real concern at parks and outdoor venues. People getting hit in the head, eye and neck didn't see the tree limbs in front of them and get whacked. According to several news outlets, injuries involving player's eyes aren't uncommon as a branch delivers an unforeseen blow.
  • Go in a group. This way you have more than two eyes paying attention to the area you are playing in. That's not to say you won't get injured, but if one of you pay attention while the other plays, there is a lower risk.
  • Stop every so often and look up. Even if you are deep in the game, you can break and look up to make sure you aren't walking off a curb that's only 10, 20 or 30 feet away. A quick glance could prevent an injury!

Pokemon Go injuries are preventable. It's a great game to play and an exciting way to get out within the community, but use a little caution. We'd hate to see that you ended up in the ER like our friend Greg. He will recover, but the time spent healing a broken bone isn't fun!

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