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Pokemon Go Released in 15 Countries, Indonesia; Will Pokemon Go to China?

Pokemon Go is now available to more than a billion new users, if, they want to enjoy the fun in capturing Pokemon. While some of the hype in the United States has fizzled over the update, the roll out of the game is still bringing thousands of new players to the option of capturing some of the pocket monsters.

On the elaborate list, there are two big countries that aren't capturing pocket monsters yet. It's still up in the air on the pocket monster mania in China. And all the rumors have offered nothing substantial, except that fans really would love to play. Another country that wants the Pokemon option is India. There is a good chance that the fans in India will find Pokemon Go available to download in the near future.

Rio Gets Pokemon Go Released in Time for Olympics

The Pokemon Go players in Rio might have to debate whether to catch monsters or watch the Olympics. This decision isn't that hard (especially if you are a Pokemon lover) but there is no doubt it's going to be tough for some. The roll out of the game in South America definitely took longer than most players wanted, but not that the Pokemon are found in the area, the trainers couldn't be happier to get started.

With so many people playing Pokemon Go around the world, the trend of sharing tips has continued. Trainers are hoping to find those rare Pokemon and the legendary Pokemon that are expected to be coming with updates in the future will have a chance to be captured around the world. All the news is quite exciting for the Pokemon Go community. Except the unknown about China. Most folks are blaming Google for this, but there is plenty of hurdles to getting into the country legally, so maybe there is some red tape to maneuver. 

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