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Hatch Eggs Without Walking? Desperate Hacks Reveal Pokemon Go Results

Pokemon Go Trainers are you looking to hatch eggs without walking? Well, you are not alone! There are many folks who would rather just see those eggs hatch without all the efforts of pacing around. Perhaps that's why one trainer taped his phone to a blade of a ceiling fan. And another trainer taped her cell to the leash of a dog. 

There are some weird and desperate hacks that have Pokemon GO trainers trying to hatch eggs. Since it's against rules to hand off your device to anyone who might be a "professional" player there are plenty of experiences out there on YouTube and most of the results are an epic failure.


Can Pokemon Go Players Hatch Eggs Without Walking?

Well, not really. Keeping in mind the game does require trainers to use GPS so this means it would be pretty tough to trick the wi-fi. Add that you might feel a slight bit of remorse when the phone flies off the fan blade because the force of a lopsided blade undoes the tape and it might be better to just consider getting out and walking around yourself.

One of the hacks seen in multitude is putting the phone on a dog or a remote control car. While these are possibilities (of course we condone such a hack) these might not be the best results, if, you dog like water or your remote control vehicle seems to be wielding out of control.

The Pokemon Go hacks seen online do offer a perspective that we all must consider: playing the game as it is might be more fun. Cheating (or using hacks depending on your mindset) might not be the best idea if you are looking to have a little fun. 


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