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Pokemon Go Hack: Trainers Capture Faster Riding the Bus

Pokemon Go hacks have come to our attention for every type of trainer. However, this tip is one especially for those folks who want to play while getting as many captures as possible. Of course, and still have a good time. If this doesn't sound too bad, then you need to catch the bus and start playing. 

A one day bus pass around your area will get you to all the major locations (malls, attractions and parks) for one low price. Then you can step off at a few more popular sites and get involved with other players at a Poke gym.

How can Pokemon Go Trainers Use the Bus and Have Fun?

This isn't just about jumping on a bus to find the Pokestops and capture the Pokemon. There is more. The larger metropolitan areas are seeing trainers use Pokemon Go maps from online resources and map out their locations of special spots. Then, they buy an all day pass and start heading out to make the most of the day (or evening.) Frankly, this sounds cheaper than the Uber and Lyft stories shared online.

In San Francisco this theory of using the bus has been tested and it worked quite well. Sharing in detail what different routes work better for the bus than others, the players in the Bay Area seem to have figured out a way to easily make public transportation work for them when playing the game. As bigger cities are more congested, it makes sense to use public transportation in the middle of the city to make the most of your time.

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