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Pokemon Go Hack: Select, Spin, Exit and Repeat

If you just want to roam about in other Pokemon Go places then teleport to location: spin a Pokemon Go, stop, exit, spin exit spin exit until it gives you items then feel free to roam about!

If you ever move substantial distances you may get soft banned from Pokemon Go. Clear your Pokemon Go app data/cache and try again seems to help spoofers get back into the game. If that doesn't work it means you are banned, but only for about a 24 hour period.

Some people have suggested hacking your phone with Odin, a mobile phone root software, as one method to get around Pokemon Go restrictions, but please backup your phone and do your research - or else you could lose all of your data and settings. Keep in mind: While Google is affiliated with Niantic, they naturally want to stop any type of Pokemon Go spoofing. See the pattern? Using an Iphone has its advantages. Keep a keen eye out for the patches and the updates to Pokemon GO and the daily reports. Happy Poke Hunting friends!

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