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Pokemon Go Gyms and Pokestops registering voters?

This is going to sound weird, but the next time you stop at a Pokestop and Gym you might be asked to sign up to vote. With the campaigns ramping up to find as many voters as possible, no longer are people standing in front of grocers to raise awareness. Instead, they find the local Pokestop and gym and just hang out. Yes, these volunteers and staffers wait for people to come to them.

Pokemon Go Voter Registration is a Weird Idea

The political process is an important one, but who would have thought to add the idea of a new app to the process. With the Pokestops and gyms all over the country, the new locations for campaign staffs could be near a park, in front of a coffee shop or just hanging on a street corner. 

Yes, this is really happening. Voting + Pokemon Go = New President

According to Complex, the Clinton campaign sends out volunteers to the different locations to see if they can sign up new voters. This has worked out fairly well and considering that the folks they meet are going to be playing Pokemon Go, there is always an influx of people walking by the locations.

Would you like to be interrupted to register to vote if you were playing Pokemon Go? As locations become more popular, it not going to be surprising to see others try to sell, use or persuade players at the Pokestops and Gyms. The biggest question is how most folks will be responding to something that is so serious in the middle of a game...

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