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Pokemon Go Eggs: Is Hatching the Secret to Rare Pokemon?

Ever considered the impact of Pokemon Go Egg? Many players think this might be the connection to finding rare Pokemon. If Pokemon Go eggs are what some players are focusing on after rumors of amazing results, then there might be a pattern to this unique game. The world has been searching for rare Pokemon and as the game progresses players are starting to consider how important the Pokemon Go eggs are to the equation. There has always been an emphasis, but this new look has people thinking more seriously that there is a formula to finding Pokemon.

Last week at Comic Con, there was a discussion about the possibilities of the traditional Pokemon being in the game. Characters like Ditto haven't been found. And there is many theories on what needs to be done to locate the Pokemon. The logical one (and the one most discussed) is hatching eggs. Players who have taken on the challenge of Pokemon Go have suggested it's impossible to catch ALL 151 Pokemon. Some have caught 144. Others 145. Blaming the lack of all the Pokemon on one continent, the idea that people would need to travel meant that they caught all the Pokemon in their area. This working theory of not catching every Pokemon has been floated because there is common belief of Taurus only caught in the wild in North America and Mr. Mime can be caught in Europe.

Pokemon Go Eggs: Hatch Rare Pokemon?

If the latest theory is correct, rare Pokemon will be found in Pokemon Go eggs. And depending on your level you could possibly hatch something so rare that you won't need to walk the earth to find it. However, this debate on where to find the rare Pokemon will rage on until someone cracks the code. Not illegally, but metaphorically. It's going to be a player that figures out a secret in using the eggs for the chance to find new Pokemon. When that happens, expect the Pokemon community to go crazy. Until then the theories continue and people keep searching for the 151 Pokemon that are roaming the earth AND the six Pokemon who are quietly lurking in the digital world waiting to be caught.

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