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Pokemon Go Drone: Fake Video or Real Product?

The Pokemon Go drone has people turning their heads and wondering if the video explaining how the product works is real. Going into details, the viewers are shown how a drone could be really something that will help players. While most think the idea is nothing more than a fake, there are a few people who suggest that the drones would be excellent for playing Pokemon Go. 

How would a Pokemon Go Drone work?

According to the video, the drone would "take away" the disappointment of locations that were almost unreachable. Places like above the water and in the middle of the highway. Those unreachable places could be possible with the help of this so-called drone.  It also might be safer too. Who wants to go into the middle of a street to play? That doesn't sound smart and nobody would even suggest it!

The one element that the video doesn't discuss (and this is where the critics are absolutely correct) is how the cell phone could accurately share the information with the app. A human user is almost necessary to adequately play. It seems that the connection between the drone and the app would need more work before this prototype would be ready!

While the Pokemon Go fever is crazy in America, it's safe to assume there is no Pokemon Go Drone to buy in the near future. That shouldn't stop you from watching this fake video and enjoying the idea, but we do hope it saves you some cash in the future!

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