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Pokemon Go Capturing Tip: Watch for Rustling Leaves

Pokemon Go players have struggled with the latest updates which left off the tracking features for finding Pokemon. Add that most of the sites which highlighted the locations have been shut down. Leaving many Pokemon Go players perplexed on how they will find Pokemon. 

While it might not be as easy as looking it up on a map, one Pokemon Go capturing tip that hasn't changed since the beginning of the game is rustling leaves. Pokemon love to hide on your screen. This isn't tough to spot on the screen and if you watch closely (or even walk closer) you will see the Pokemon come out.

Subtle Movement - Watch for Rustling Leaves

The leaves don't flow back and forth very fast. Instead the subtle movement of the leaves might be almost unnoticeable at first. Then it gets more and more obvious as the game progresses. As this tactic isn't as simple as looking at a map, it definitely is still fun and worth the time.

The issues surrounding tracking elements of the game and the maps once seen online have caused a major ruckus. Pokemon Go players haven't been happy about the lack of tools once used to catch. However, the more serious players have already leveled up to a place where the extra help could be useful. An average player or a newbie won't find the loss of these elements to be as drastic as some might suggest. There were many reports that the tracking was broken even before it was removed. If the game developers are smart, a new update will be released soon to help with the tracking elements and get the gamers back on track. Until then, watch for the rustling leaves.

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