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Pokemon Go Breaks iTunes App Store Records

Pokemon Go is the latest craze and the iTunes App store can prove it. While the game has only been out a few weeks, the record number of downloads even is surprising to mainstream media. The craze has people focusing on Pokemon Go and getting out to find as many Pokemon as possible. 

Being careful not to throw around numbers, there has been confirmation that the game had more downloads than any other game in the country, but Apple hasn't offered an exact number of downloads to the public. It is assumed that Apple will make $3 billion over the course of the next 12-24 months.

How Long Before Pokemon Go Isn't Making an Impact on iTunes App Store?

The big question critics have about Pokemon Go is how long will the app continue to turn heads (and attract Pokemon Go players). The future looks bright now, but some people are suggesting the Pokemon Go craze will be short lived. As far as critics go, there are questions if the game has been over-hyped and ultimately will make a splash. However, even experienced players are questioning the app.

As most established players know, once you start playing the higher levels the game becomes more difficult and repetitive. Some trainers have complained on social media that the game becomes a struggle as the same thing needs to be done again and again for scoring.

What many people haven't discussed is what happens if Pokemon Go makes an update to actually further the game along. This would be enticing for current trainers and exciting for newbies who want to get in on the actions.

As for Pokemon Go breaking new iTunes App Store records, well that might not happen. However they hold a place in the history books that can never be taken away and that's a worthy accomplishment!

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