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Pokemon Go Battery Saving Feature; Mode Returns for Players

If Pokemon Go players had one problem it would be that the battery runs out before you can catch all the Pokemon. It’s a real concern and that’s why when the Pokemon Go battery-saving feature was removed fans got a little heated. Carrying around an extra battery charger is quite annoying and distracting too. Have no fear as the game developers heard the cries of the fans and have returned the feature. Now the Pokemon Go battery saving feature is bigger and better than ever.

How Does the Pokemon Go Battery-Saving Mode Feature Work?

The process of using the battery saving mode is going to have you looking a little weird for a second as you put it into play. According to The Verge, for the iOS version you need to hold your phone upside-down while playing. This will make the screen dim. Then you can walk around and wait for Pokemon to make contact by buzzing. This will eliminate the consistent need to watch your phone. The updates of Pokemon Go have continued to offer new ideas on making Pokemon Go easier to play. The battery saving feature will probably be tweaked further, especially when the wrist accessories come out later this year. As most players will agree, something is better than nothing when it comes to saving your cell battery. As we know occasionally we have to take phone calls on our handheld devices so it’s always good to have a little juice left to answer the phone.

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