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Pokemon Go Bar Crawl Offered Comic Con Attendees a Night of Fun

The Pokemon Go bar crawl was impossible to miss on Saturday night in San Diego. After the lights at the San Diego Comic Con were turned off, the attendees took to the street to play one of the most popular app games ever: Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon Go Bar Crawl was set up by word of mouth and people confirmed attendance by going to Facebook. With drink specials and opportunities to mingle with other players after a long day at the show, the expectation was that there would be a few people. However, hundreds of folks showed up and shared their passion of the game over a brew while chatting with strangers.

The crowd of people walking the Gaslamp Quarter was quite a sight! It was what some attendees suggest was the best part of the weekend. Part Pokemon Go fun and part bar crawl, people had their cell phones out walk around looking for Pokemon. One of the best parts had to be all the lures offered up to entice Pokemon into the area as the players continued to capture and mingle with others.

 Pokemon Go Bar Crawl In Your Town?

Folks who didn't attend the bar crawl have heard the success of the event. People are talking about replicating this type of bar crawl in other parts of the country. Not only would people love to come out to play, it helps the businesses who plan this type of event as people come out to enjoy the game and grab a beer at a local establishment.


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