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Pokemon Go Ban? Cheating Players See Twitch Taking Action

A Pokemon Go Ban? God forbid you have just been blasted off the app because you've been playing illegally. With so many trainers using third party apps and finding themselves engaged in the game, the new update has offered some new rules. In particular trainers could find themselves banned if they repeatedly break the rules using the service Twitch.

According to Kotaku if you are using Twitch and get three strikes, you will be banned. This three strike rule is new and probably needs to be explained to the masses because people are getting it confused as the game developer is starting to crack down on players too. However, it appears that the Pokemon Go cheating is so outrageous that players are getting discouraged from playing (at least those people not cheating).

Pokemon Go Ban is Needed for Cheaters

Cheaters are cheaters. If you are playing using your computer to trick the GPS, using an illegal trick to find Pokemon outside of the game or selling your account, it's likely you are going to get banned by Pokemon Go. Once you are out, well you're over. Frankly, players who have been buying products in app could lose a good sum of cash if they are buying things. Enforcement from the game developers might not be as stern as Twitch yet, but it will be soon enough. The issues with the Gyms being hacked and the cheating requires immediate action.

For 95% of the players who are just having a good time playing Pokemon Go, these issues aren't even relevant. It's mostly about having a good time capturing Pokemon and getting out to explore the world. Of course, those 95% of the people have no interest in collecting all the Pokemon to be the first either.

Until Pokemon Go lays out the rules on using third party apps and defines technically what is cheating, it appears the Pokemon Go ban of players has just started. Twitch just kicked the can on these issues. Expect more to come.

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