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Pokémon Go Augmented Reality On? Or Off? Players sound off

Do you turn on the Pokémon Go augmented reality? Or leave it off? Pokémon Go players enjoy the hunt of finding local Pokémon, the thrill of capturing the pocket monsters and the joy of showing off the monsters to friends and family as they level up in the game. Yet, when it comes to the augmented reality, the players are divided on what is the best course of action. In fact, many players are very vocal about what is best for Pokémon Go play.

Players who have played the game since the beginning (yeah, it’s only been a few months, but they have leveled up quickly) point out that turning off the augmented reality on Pokémon Go is best for serious game players. Draining the battery and sometimes swatting way the Pokéballs, the augmented reality doesn’t offer a chance to fully appreciate the game and shutting it off is better when catching a monster.

Players who aren’t in it for only leveling up might disagree. Part of the fun of the game is seeing a Pokémon in the area and capturing him in a real environment. Looking to enjoy the experience, the capture isn’t just about the monster, but also the opportunity.

There is no reason to have a hardline decision on whether or not to use augmented reality as it’s easy to switch back and forth. Until you find your perfect gameplay, consider both options. To turn augmented reality off, simply tap the AR toggle on the top right corner when catching a monster. Or if you want to see your surroundings, simply tap the AR toggle again.

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