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Will Helpful Pokemon Go Apps, Maps Be Shut Down Forever? Possibly

Pokemon Go has been a strong trend that has everyone jumping on the bandwagon. From knock off items to apps to help locate Pokemon in the wild. There has been a call of restraint from many people in the intellectual property world who know that the TOS (Terms of Service) will be enforced at some point. It appears that the time has already come. Forbes is reporting that PokeVision and PokeHound are offline. Not many details have been given about the situation, but it appears there is some discussion on the possibilities of returning.

While the craze of the popularity of Pokemon Go hasn't stopped, there has been an influx of change with apps, websites and maps surrounding Pokemon Go. Everyone and their Pokemon (we couldn't help it) seems to be focused on the game. As gamers can appreciate the love, some of the issues do violate TOS with some people being so bold to infringe on the rights of the game. Not everyone has evil intent. The excitement has built up and people love this game so it's understandable there is so much interest.

Will Pokemon Go Apps and Maps that help Players too Much Be Gone?

Pokemon Go apps that focus on finding Pokemon in areas and apps that violate the TOS in offering up details about the game might be the first round of deployment for the attorneys. We've also heard from some designers who ran afoul of the licensing procedure and ended up in trouble too. 

This whole idea of rights and the respectful nature to make sure that the TOS and the licensing has played out in history before, albeit different intellectual properties. Disney shut down apps and maps for their games and even theme parks. Harry Potter and his band of wand waving pals have also brought in the lawyers for people infringing on games, licensing and even reproductions. 

It could be that the guys at Pokemon Go want to regulate the apps more carefully and will set up a process. Or it could be the idea of seeing where Pokemon are hiding in your neighborhood are gone forever. Either way, the first blitz of this remarkable game can be compared to the beginning of the wild west. Like history has shown us, the sheriff is riding into town (or in this case attorneys) to create some law and order.


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