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Pokeman Go Trainer Captures 142 Pokemon: Isn't there 151 Pokemon?

If you were looking to be the first Pokemon Go trainer to capture all 142 Pokemon available in  North America, this trending news might disappoint you. Brooklyn-based Nick Johnson, has publicly declared himself to be the first Pokemon Go player to capture 142 Pokemon. He's been talking up his accomplishment online and proud to be the first.

You might be thinking to yourself that this doesn't add up because everyone knows there is 151 total monsters. That's true, but several are international based and a half dozen Pokemon are completely unaccounted for.

Pokeman Go Trainer Captures 142 Pokemon Provides PokeDex Screen Shot as Proof

This accomplishment is quite amazing. Considering that the game is only out for a few weeks, the chance to actually be on top shows dedication. According to IBT, the man has walked eight miles a day, captured Pokemon well into the night and made this his mission for completion to find every Pokemon.

Looking to hit the milestone that most players dream of, there is no denying this feat is impressive. The question now is what he will do next. Is there more to his career or is he hanging up his Pokemon charm to hold on to his reign as a champion.

Some Pokemon Go Trainers Don't Believe It

The chap who shared his accomplishment with the world is taking a lot of heat from other gamers. There are allegations of cheating, getting help and even outwitting the GPS, but Johnson is sticking to his story and has friends along with a screenshot for proof. How it could be proved otherwise is unknown, but there really is no reason to doubt the man as it appears he was fulfilling a childhood dream (and ultimately made it happen).


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