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PokeDates: Pokemon Go Players Look to Find True Love

Pokemon Go trainers are you wishing to find true love while on the hunt for Pokemon? Perhaps you need to hook up with PokeDates to find that someone special. Yep, it's a new app to find love while capturing Pokemon. Obviously if you are looking for a soul mate or should we say PokeMate, you're going to give this idea a try. Or at least consider how it might work for you.

PokeDates: Pokemon+ Soulmate = Love

Is PokeDates a real solution to finding someone who will love you more than Pokemon? Players knew it would only be a matter of time before romance would be introduced to the game, but it appears that the inventors of this idea wanted to keep the hot and heavy outside of the game. 

So how does PokeDates work? It's easy! Pokemon Go players answer a couple of questions about themselves and what they are looking for when it comes to the perfect soulmate. This includes any annoyances that would be a complete turnoff. Once the personal data is done, the users offer times and days they could play Pokemon on a date.

The behind the scenes matchmakers find a match and send details about when and where to meet their match. These dates are arranged to provide security and make sure the app users are serious. 

Unfortunately this service isn't free. It's $20 a date with the first date being free with a promo code. While there is no guarantee that Pokemon Go trainers will find true love, at least they might enjoy hanging out with people who enjoy the same activity.

Pokemon Go has broken records as the fastest mobile game to hit 10 million downloads. While not every trainer will be interested in dating, apparently PokeDates has no shortage of potential clients who are looking for love.


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