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Pokémon Go Players Reveal When to Use Razz Berries

Having trouble catching a Pokémon during Pokémon Go? Perhaps it’s time to take out the Razz Berries to slow the pocket monsters down. Players of the popular game love sharing their biggest tip when it comes to catching feisty and fast Pokémon who are evasive in every way. Instead throwing dozens of Pokéballs immediately, they feed the Pokémon Razz Berries before trying to capture the monsters.

The Razz Berries are available to purchase with PokeCoin. It’s always good to have some Razz Berries in your possession, just in case you come across a rare Pokémon. Razz Berries will slow down the Pokémon and make it easier for the species to be captured when you toss a Pokéball.

The idea behind these special nuggets is simple and can be implemented on every lever. When you have a Pokémon that is rare or worth more than typical Pokémon, you need a way to capture it quick. Before throwing a Pokéball, you should start with the Razz Berries. Slowing the Pokémon down, it won’t bounce around, making it easier to actually grab. Of course, don’t be expecting it to be too easy as you will still need your Pokéball to be precise.

Razz Berries are especially helpful in higher levels when capturing Pokémon becomes more difficult. Getting the monsters to slow down, before catching them, makes it easier. Using the more sophisticated balls on higher levels – like Great Balls or Ultra Balls -- in conjunction with the Razz Berries seems to be the best options.

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