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Play Pokemon Go at Night to Increase Your Score: Tip #78

Hunting Pokemon and using Pokemon Go at night should be something everyone does at some point. Of course, we don't suggest going it alone in the dark at any point. However, there is nothing wrong with walking the dog on a well lit area and seeing what you might find.

There have been reports from fans that new opportunities pop up when the sun goes down. Personally we haven't seen that in the Los Angeles area (were we live) but it certainly is a possibility. Looking to encourage people to get out and have a fun day and night, it makes sense for developers to use this aspect to continue the play.

How will Playing at Night Increase My score?

The idea of adding to what you already have during the day will simply increase your score. While the rest of the players might be resting their weary heads, you will be out hunting and playing. There is another reason too. Some fans have suggested that night play is easier than during the day. The app makes adjustments for the lack of light and you get more opportunities closer to where you are. Is this truth? We don't know for sure, but it is worth a try!

Play Pokemon Go at Night? How Dangerous is that?

As mentioned above, we would never suggest you do anything that would put you at risk. There are ways to minimize your concerns. Like going with a group to an area. Make sure the car is close by. And even staying where there is plenty of light. 

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