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Pikachu or Joe Biden? New Poll Reveals VP isn't as Familiar as Pokemon Go Character

Vice President Job Biden might not think about being compared to an animated object when working with leaders around the world, but Pikachu doesn't care. In a new survey of Americans it appears that people are very familiar with the Pokemon Go character Piachu, but not with the Vice President. It's odd to consider, but Mr. Biden and Pikachu has been around for a long term (in their respected fields of course), but they don't seem to garner the same amount of notoriety. 

Pikachu or Joe Biden? Who is Famous Enough to be Recognized?

According to Vox, it is Pikachu who is best recognized when shown a picture of the two different people. A little over 60% of people actually recognized Mr. Joe Biden. And for Pikachu? Well, 98% of those folks asked recognized him instantly. It's a stark different of what we find important in today's world. Which includes the delightful Pokemon Go game and all the fun creatures who come with it.

Now you might be asking why show a photo of Pikachu and Joe Biden to a group of people to create a study. Fair question. Well maybe it's because the reflection of today's society puts more of an emphasis on social and cultural topics. And when it comes to elected officials people just shut their eyes and sing the Pokemon song real loud. Technically, we haven't a clue. It makes us feel better knowing that in the poll Mr. Biden was not mistaken for Pikachu by some but for Paul Ryan. 

At the end of the day, at least Americans can be assured the less known man is working his magic in Washington. And the trainers of Pokemon Go are focused on playing. Hopefully they will have PiKachu on their screen too!

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