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No Pokemon Go in Rio? Athletes Must Train Instead

No Pokemon Go in Brazil? Say it ain't so. Well, unfortunately it is reality for a country that is hosting the 2016 Olympics. The highly competitive athletes from around the world are heading to Rio to compete in the biggest sporting event ever. While there will be plenty of sports talk, one thing people won't be talking much about is Pokemon Go.

The athletes arriving in Rio must be thrilled to compete on such a high level. Of course, all are honored to be representing their country, but most are complaining the game doesn't work at the Olympic Village and around Rio. Showing screenshots of the game, there are no pocket monsters to capture and nothing comes up but the map.

No Pokemon Go at Olympics? Rio Focuses on Sports

With no Pokemon Go most of the athletes are complaining that they will need to train during their off hours. If this sounds normal, to train for the biggest sporting opportunity in your life, you'd be right. What is so strange, and many people in the media are pointing this out, is how unsafe the area is outside of where the athletes live. Muggings, murders and even robberies are commonplace, and athletes have already become targets. Running around town to catch Pokemon seems very unrealistic, even if they did have the game in Rio.

So when will Pokemon Go be in Brazil? No word from the game developer on that yet. What is for sure is the athletes looking to represent will be focused on their sport. As luck would have it, there is no Pokemon Go for them!

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