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More Pokemon Go Violence: Players Attacked with Beer Bottles

Pokemon Go players seem like a pretty harmless bunch. Glued to their cell phones, the players hit up parks, establishments and even sidewalks to find and capture Pokemon. With the rise in violence around the game, it appears that the greatest risk to actually play is to the players themselves. Another incident of Pokemon Go players being assaulted in the park has been reported in Florida. 

According to Orlando news sources, Kissimmee residents were attacked with a beer bottle and long boards at a lakefront park. The alleged incident was unprovoked. Authorities were called and looking for the culprits. When found, they were only a short distance away. The situation led to one of the victims having severe cuts on their face, including their eyelids from the bottle.

Pokemon GO Violence is Not Necessary

The strange situation in Kissimmee highlights how being too involved with the game at a public place could actually put you in harms way. There have been other unprovoked attacks that have put trainers in dangerous situations as well. While people always try to be alert, Pokemon Go is a fun game where you get wrapped up in capturing. As you might be watching the screen, other folks might be watching you. 

One way to prevent being a victim is taking a pal along to catch Pokemon. Safety in numbers is definitely a defense just in case you get lost in the game. While you can't prevent everything, using caution will help you avoid being the next victim when playing Pokemon Go.

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