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Make a Pokemon Go Phone Case: Aims PokeBalls Accurately

If you are a new Pokemon Go trainer or an experienced Pokemon player, you might be wondering how to aim Pokeballs accurately every time. Fear not as a Pokemon Go player who has a mechanical mind and a love for the game has come up with a brilliant idea to enhance the game. Instead of just flicking PokeBalls with your finger, he's developed a phone case that offers a cut out to flick the balls perfectly. No more being frustrated when countless PokeBalls randomly fly sideways or go in the opposite direction of intention.

The idea of this contraption working isn't hard to fathom. Having a predetermined place for your finger to move is quick easy to comprehend. The possibilities of accuracy can only increase. Add the focus of the game to the phone case and it's possible that Pokemon won't have a prayer.

Pokemon Go Phone Case is Brilliant

What is odd is that the phone case is free. In fact you can make it yourself as the creator of this intriguing case has uploaded the plans so anyone with a 3D printer can cut out and put together their own Pokemon Go PokeBall aiming phone case....free of charge.

So far the designs for the Pokemon Go phone case are for the iPhone 6. However the creator is open to adapting the plans for other cell phone model upon request. In the world of Pokemon Go, the players definitely have found ways to make the game more fun AND more accurate. Especially when aiming those PokeBalls.

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